Moving Day

Posted by Robyn on Feb 28, 2010 in General |

12:00 AM – Finish teaching an Office 2007 New Features class to a group of police. (Taught several of these late-night classes this week)

12:30 AM – Arrive home, do some more last-minute packing.

2:30 AM – Finally go to sleep.

6:30 AM – Wake up, resume packing mode.

7:00 AM – Husband brings coffee home from Starbucks run. Thank goodness.

8:30 AM – Packing finished in time for breakfast cooked by hubby.

9:30 AM – Everything is ready for the movers to arrive, but they don’t show…

9:45 AM – Call movers, leave voicemail.

10:00 AM – Still no word from movers. Leave another voicemail.

10:30 AM – No movers. No calls. No nothing. Call another moving company, line up for 3:00 PM.

10:45 AM – Run a few errands, and prepare to start taking a few loads over to the new apartment in our cars.

11:15 AM – Secure more coffee.

11:30 AM – Original movers finally call, say they will arrive within the hour. Cancel plans to start carrying loads over to new place. Sit and wait.

12:30 PM – Still no movers. Surprise, surprise.

1:00 PM – Angry call to movers, who promise to arrive within 30 minutes.

1:30 PM – They don’t.

1:45 PM – Justin makes a quick run for more boxes while we’re waiting. Car breaks down. Awesome.

2:15 PM – Arrangements made for tow truck to pick up our broken car and tow it to Beaverton Hyundai.

2:45 PM – Movers finally show up. Backup movers call to confirm, and I cancel with them. Tow truck arrives. Chaos ensues briefly.

3:00 PM – Car is safely en route to Hyundai, and moving is underway. Finally!

4:00 PM – Find out that car made it safely to service center, and repair is under warranty. Whew!

5:00 PM – Movers taking forever. They do not have the promised equipment, and they brought a truck half the size of the one we reserved. Awesome!

5:30 PM – Finally on our way to the new place.

5:45 PM – Movers take half an hour trying to figure out how to friggin’ park.

6:15 PM – Movers finally carrying stuff in.

7:00 PM – We figure out that half our furniture doesn’t fit up the narrow staircase.

7:45 PM – We’re out of time on the five hours we booked, so the movers stack the rest of our stuff in the garage.

7:55 PM – We are given a hand-written “receipt” and informed that they can only accept cash.

8:00 PM – Justin rushes to ATM to pull out cash for payment, while the movers take a smoke break. On the clock. Heaven forbid they MOVE MORE STUFF while we’re still paying them.

8:15 PM – Movers are paid, and on the way to drop off some of the non-fitting-up-the-stairs furniture at my parents’ house. (Agreed upon as compensation for arriving so late.)

8:30 PM – Famished, we head over to Five Guys for some dinner.

9:30 PM – Arrive back home, unpack a few essentials.

10:00 PM – Finish wiring data cabinet, and attempt to get the internet working.

11:00 PM – Mission accomplished.

11:30 PM – Find shower curtain, so terrible day can be washed off.

So… how was your day?


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