Posted by Robyn on Jun 28, 2008 in Movie Reviews |

Okay, I am going to do an official review of this movie. It was a badass action flick. The characters pulled you in immediately, and the dark humor of the protagonist was superb. It kept a quick-but-smooth pace from beginning to end, and there were a couple of good plot twists along the way. Unlike many action movies, you don’t see the final twist coming, which is cool.

Now, in regards to those who have difficulty accepting the fact that they can “curve” bullets. That is 1% as unrealistic as everything else in the movie. It simply doesn’t take place in our reality, so you will either accept or dismiss the reality of this movie.

If you do not easily suspend disbelief, you will not enjoy anything about the movie, and you might as well read the following spoiler.

The “fraternity” of assassins started a thousand years ago as a group of weavers who still take orders from a LOOM OF FATE. Yeah, seriously. It weaves a pattern in binary code that gives them the names of people to kill. And at the end, one of the assassins not only curves a bullet, but kills about a dozen people standing in a circle with that one curved bullet.

Not kidding.


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