Gainfully Employed

Posted by Robyn on Apr 6, 2010 in General |

Well, the panel interview today went extremely well. I spoke with two distinct groups of people. The first was the learning technology group, where I’d be spending the majority of my time. I was peppered with a lot of technical questions about learning management systems, which I was (thankfully) able to answer without making a complete fool of myself. The second part of the interview was meeting individually with two managers in the academics group. That part also went well, and they seemed overjoyed that I had as much teaching and training background as I do.

Then, I met with Paul again, who pretty much offered me the job on the spot! He had talked to the other team members after each panel, and he said they had nothing but green lights all across the board, so I’m in! He still has to go through the requisition process with HR, but he said I should have a formal offer letter tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I start on Monday!

Hooray for jobzorzz!


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