A Christmas Wish

Posted by Robyn on Dec 25, 2009 in General |

Dear God,

I have only one wish this Christmas. Let tomorrow be the crappiest Christmas I’ll ever have. I realize this is a strange request, so allow me to explain. Never before have I felt so broke, stressed, and unprepared for the holidays. I have very little to offer friends and family in the way of gifts this year. I am ashamed of this, and only hope they can accept our love instead.

But all of my friends and family are healthy and well. We’ve managed to weather the economic storm of 2009 without any major setbacks. We still have our home, our cars, our clothes, and our sanity. We haven’t gone hungry for even one day.

So even though this Christmas is kind of a bummer, I can only sincerely hope this is the worst I’ll ever face.



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