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It seems like I spend the majority of my life waiting for technology.

I got my first “pocket PC” when I was in the fourth grade (1988), and it was really just a glorified calculator that could also store notes and phone numbers. Before anyone had ever heard of a “smartphone”, I was plugging my cell phone into my iPaq to download emails in a painfully slow process.

I still like my iPhone, but I’ve had it for almost a year, and that’s virtually unprecedented. I’m starting to get that “new smartphone” itch again. But there’s nothing better out there. Sure, there are Windows Mobile, Android, and WebOS devices that are different, but they all do the same stuff. There’s nothing new.

I started my HTPC project before anyone had made an HTPC case, and before the term had been invented. Hardware and software were both scarce and expensive. I started my home server project before an OS existed for it. I got in on the WHS beta, and never looked back. It’s working well as a media repository, but I’m still waiting for better MCE integration, tuner support, and the ability to record directly to the server.

Right now, I’m waiting for multi-stream CableCARD tuners to come out, and I might even need to rebuild my virtually brand-new HTPC for the DRM to work. My shiny new UMPC died within weeks of owning it, and it’s still not exactly what I want it to be. (RIP Wall-E) 4G wireless internet is awesome, but still only available in a few cities.

At least Office 2010 is finally in beta, and I should get my hands on it next week. Of course, the company I work for still uses Windows XP on all its training computers, and that’s not likely to change until our customers move to Windows 7.

I hate old technology!


And by “old”, I mean everything available now. I want all the NEW technology that isn’t out yet.

For example, I want a capacitive multi-touch convertible tablet PC that weighs less than 2lbs, has an HD screen, awesome graphics, a fast CPU, tons of RAM, gigantic ultra-fast SSD, integrated 4G, and 24-hour battery life, running Windows 8, for less than $500.

And I want it today. Why is that so hard? Grr.



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