Fujitsu Lifebook U810 (aka Wall-E)

Posted by Robyn on Nov 1, 2009 in Technology |

Wall-E arrived in the mail yesterday, and he is just as cute as promised! Turns out, Woot actually got their hands on the U810 revision that comes with the 60GB hard drive and AT&T 3G modem (which is getting replaced with a WiMax card). It also came with the 4-cell battery shown in the photos, and not the smaller 2-cell battery listed in the description.

The laptop came with Vista Business as well as a “downgrade” disc for XP Tablet Edition 2005. However, I didn’t bother playing with either. I installed Windows 7 right out of the box, and I am LOVING it so far! I was able to install the full Fujitsu driver package from the CD (external drive), using compatibility mode with Vista. Touch screen works perfectly once calibrated from the control panel.

Granted, this is a single-touch, resistive screen, so you don’t get all the Windows 7 multi-touch features. But folding the screen into tablet mode is something I’ve wanted the capability of doing for a very long time. It’s so handy!

Got all of my applications and files loaded yesterday, and was able to do a full range of testing today. Battery life is an outstanding 4-5 hours typical use. It resumes from S3 sleep to a usable desktop in about 6 seconds, and resumes from hibernation in about 15 seconds. Full boot takes about 90 seconds, which is fantastic for a device like this! Youtube shows Vista taking four or five minutes to boot, so I was concerned.

Aero runs great – better than it did on my last netbook. Flash video also seems smoother than on an Atom CPU. The lack of hyperthreading does hurt multitasking performance, though. I’d say the 800MHz Pentium M-class CPU does an honorable job of running Windows 7, especially when paired with only 1 GB of RAM.

This is a cute little “family photo” of laptops was taken at my parents’ house this evening. My dad has a 17″ HP, and my mom has a similar 15″ HP, along with a 9″ Acer netbook. We stacked these all up with my new Fujitsu and snapped this picture. How cute!


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