The Whole Global Warming “Debate”

Posted by Robyn on Mar 23, 2009 in Politics |

Imagine there was a giant asteroid headed for Earth. It’s not the first asteroid of this size to strike Earth, but it’s the first one since humans have lived here. This particular asteroid is not big enough to destroy the planet, but certainly big enough to do serious damage to the humans who live here, especially if it strikes in a populated area.

Now, imagine there was a huge debate over whether this giant asteroid had been knocked towards Earth by a piece of space junk created by humans. Some people think we caused the problem, and others think we didn’t. They like to argue about it a lot. Meanwhile, I’m over here thinking…


Global climate change is real, and to be frank, it’s not “saving the planet” we should be worried about. Planet Earth has survived far worse, and it’ll probably be here long after we’re gone. We should be worried about how our coastlines will be flooded if any more ice melts.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for living sustainably. Reducing carbon emissions, recycling, and conserving energy are all fantastic things for us to do. But those are also money-saving things that we should be doing anyway, for our own sakes. Sure, taking those actions may have an impact on climate change, but it’s probably too little too late at this point. When it comes to climate change, we should be building sea walls around New York and LA.

I’m just saying.


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